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Dr. Carol Nicole "Nikki" Gorman



Affectionately known by my pediatric patients and their caregivers as Dr. Nikki,

I consider myself a lucky person!  The universe bestowed upon me a sense of adventure and the desire to change the world.  I am a serial entrepreneur, and once you give into it is really invigorating.

What you may not know about me is that I grew up in sunny Southern California and trekked east for college at the University of Pennsylvania. I hopped back down to my North Carolina roots for medical school at Duke (the Plott Hound is named after my family!) which I loved. Then finally made it back to Cali (as my mother said, you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take California out of the girl…) completing my 3-year pediatric residency at Stanford, which was truly an oasis and great training.

My businesses started with neighborhood recycling at age 8, babysitting groups gigs in middle school, selling Stanley Kaplan courses, and have also included 3 pediatric practices (Village Pediatrics formation, of course, would never have been the same without my amazing partner, Dr. Jennifer Gruen- where I will continue to joyfully see my patients).  My newest venture is the Westport Medical and Wellness Center located centrally in Westport, CT.

Having created an amazing successful model for taking care of Fairfield County’s children and families I have always dreamed of bringing this same level of care to the adults/parents of our adorable patients.  Unfortunately, while there are many excellent healthcare providers in this area there are far from enough.  There also are not any centers that really work as a team, integrating the Eastern and Western medical philosophies.  How many times have we heard that communication is essential yet our medical system doesn’t talk to each other?


The mission of the center is to provide whole-body wellness, preventing rather than treating illness and diseases that are often a direct cause of our stressful lives.  We need to compensate for the frenzied pace of today’s world- through caring with massage, coaching, counseling, acupuncture, and great evidence-based medical care. I have searched far and wide for the most caring, thoughtful, nurturing team so you can rest assured that if they are working here they are vetted!

There are many elements to health.  Take a look at our menu of services and see how you can begin your journey toward better health today.  Being part of your team is my honor.

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