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Kerstin Rao



Dating Mindset Coach

Are you an accomplished person who finds dating frustrating? Have you felt the randomness of dating become a drain on your energy and precious time? Do you suspect you are somehow getting in your own way, but can’t quite figure out how?


Hi, I’m Kerstin, and I have practical, kind, and supportive strategies to help you find greater joy and connection while dating. In our one-on-one sessions, we will explore the significant relationships of your formative years, review with compassion your romantic history, and ask the bravest question of all - what do you really want?

Along the way, you will be invited to engage in guided journaling, a surprising art project, consider your Enneagram type, review smart safety strategies, uncover hidden self-sabotage, and unlock a more liberated, focused, and empowered approach to dating. The keystone project is writing ‘The List’ - a powerful ritual designed to manifest precisely the partner you most desire. The clarity you gain from this process connects you with people who lift your spirits, make you feel seen, and, dare we say it, make dating FUN!

I bring decades of experience in work, including a Master’s degree in special education and years of skill developed while working with gifted children and their families. My personal midlife dating adventures gave me a keen insight into the very real challenges in today’s singles scene. A life-long bookworm, my ongoing research into best practices helps my clients develop a grounded perspective and savvy strategies. 

If you are ready to tap into your inner radiance, date with confidence, and draw the just-right partner into your life, let’s talk!

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