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Dr. Latha Chirunomula


Internal Medicine

I am incredibly excited to be coming back home to Connecticut to provide comprehensive and personalized care for our wonderful community!

Although I have been working in the Washington, D.C. area for several years, I have always been a Fairfield County person at heart- I grew up in Wilton, trained at Yale University and Norwalk Hospital, and am frequently back to visit my family and friends in the area. Now, carrying the experience and clinical range that occur in a Metro area, I am happy to be returning to Fairfield County to take care of you and your families.


While I am well-versed in traditional allopathic medicine, I also employ complementary alternative medicine methods whenever possible. I believe that examining the mind-body relationship is truly so important for a variety of conditions: headaches, anxiety, GI intolerances, dizziness, and so on. 


Focusing on preventive care and aiming for less medication- based interventions (whenever it is safe and possible) are some of the driving goals in my patient partnerships. I have seen time and again how underlying causes lead to many medical symptoms. I promise to work tirelessly with you to identify and address these root causes with a management plan that is mutually agreed upon. 


One of the things that I am proud of and grateful for is my clinical work experience in South India and in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, along with working in Washington D.C. as well as Northern Virginia.  As a result of this background, I carry a more global understanding of the individual and cultural aspects of health care, and this really benefits my patients in achieving their health goals.


However, even with all the above being true, I also know firsthand how vital it is to enjoy life outside of work! So, when I am not in the office, our family is out exploring the open road and the sights along the way, hiking, cooking, traveling, etc. We absolutely cannot wait to do it all in the Connecticut area.


Overall, I truly love the art of Medicine, and I draw so much joy from helping people on their health journeys. Wherever you may be on your path to your own optimal health, I cannot wait to start this journey with you at WMAWC!

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