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Missy Brown



Yoga Nidra Instructor

I feel very fortunate and thrilled to join the Westport Medical and Wellness Center and I will be sharing a variety of offerings. 

I am the founder of Deep Play For Kids, and have devoted my life to being of service and I feel deeply honored to support people of all ages to open to their true potential.  My passion for empowering others is offered through playful classes, programs, curriculums, and training programs that are steeped in mindfulness-based science. Transformational body-centered practices are skillfully delivered with creativity, humor, joy, individuality, and open-hearted authenticity.


The critical mission is that all people, all ages, all abilities, have the safe opportunity to discover, explore, and embrace their infinite limitless self. I hold numerous certifications, created and operated a children's yoga, cooking, enrichment, a wellness center, and am committed to being a lifelong seeker and student. What makes my offerings and DPK unique is my life curriculum.


Did you know recent studies show feel-good chemicals can be released in the brain in as little as 16 seconds? I would love to share 16 seconds with you. Have a blast and explode your heart as you overflow your toolbox.

I am passionately committed as these practices have changed my life, my children's lives, and I truly believe they have the possibility to change the lives of many generations.  One child at a time, one adult at a time, one breath at a time. Take away invaluable resilience tools to navigate not only on the worst day but on all days.  Learn more at 

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